If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment or email us at Testimonials@wecareforkidsdental.com. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"My daughter has only been for her first visit so far but she cannot wait to go back!! We transferred her from her old dentist that we had a horrible experience with so I didn't know what to expect bringing her here. She was so at ease with the staff here when we assumed she was going to give a hard time due to her past experience. It was because of their friendly smiles, warm attitude and kid-friendly environment. She loved the fact that the chairs are all in the same room, so she can see other kids getting the same work done. Also, the technicians and dentist explained step by step exactly what they were about to do and even let her feel the instruments so she can see that she would not be hurt by them. They were so professional yet down to earth and friendly.
I cannot say enough about the great experience we had here. My daughter cannot wait to go back!! It is such a relief to know that she will be well cared for by amazing professionals!! I would recommend this facility to anyone!!!"

-Stephanie D.


"Always a wonderful experience from the front desk through to the appointment.  Thank you!"

-Jackson & Jonathan's Mom


"At first my two boys were so scared to go to the dentist but, after visiting Dr. Olton at We Care for Kids Dental, they now ask me when can they go back again! From the moment my children walked in to We Care for Kids Dental, their attention was on the fun decorations, the kind, wonderful staff, picking out silly sunglasses to wear, the flavor fluoride treatment they want and the 'goodie bag' they get when they are all done. By the time they leave, I think they feel as though they just went to a birthday party and not the dentist's office.
I love We Care for Kids Dental because they have a friendly staff who is always smiling and welcoming. They are punctual and ready to answer any questions I may have.  Dr Olton is fantastic!  She not only tells me what each visit is for, she also shows me the x-rays when taken and what they normally want to see with each child's age so I have a good understanding and can address any of my concerns.
They named this dental practice right, they really do care for kids!"

-Valerie P.


"From the moment we walked into We Care for Kids Dental I knew we were in for a treat. The office staff was welcoming and the scheduled appointment was right on time. We were greeted by the smiling friendly face of the hygienist who led us into the  jungle themed examining room,  complete with colorful animal murals and swinging monkeys, fun atmosphere!
The  hygienist was professional, thorough and very child friendly,  my daughter was noticeably comfortable and at ease.
The highlight of the visit was the examination with the Doctor.  Dr. Olton has a really soft, sweet manner and went out of her way to engage my daughter and provided her with a truly positive first experience. She was able to turn my daughter onto brushing and oral hygiene! Dr. Olton is super knowledgeable and informative and patiently answered my questions and explained everything necessary.  Thumbs Up to We Care for Kids Dental!"



"We cannot say enough about the quality care our daughter has received by Dr.Olton and her staff.  From her very first visit she has been cared for as if she were the daughter of every dental professional in the office.  Dr.Olton takes the time to explain every procedure and more importantly takes the time needed to answer every question.  Our daughter looks forward to her bi-annual visit!! Thanks to everyone associated with this wonderful office for taking such good care of our daughter's dental health needs."

-George, Claire and Zoe S.


"Hey! if you haven't visited the real tooth fairy yet, you've probably been putting too many teeth under your pillow because this one saves those precious little smiles in their mouths instead of under their pillows. The experience @ We Care For Kids Dental is exactly as it sounds and is also completely unique. One trip to see Dr. Olton and her enthusiastic staff will bring you and your child to a new era as what we've all known as "The Dentist". It's like nothing you've ever seen before, from the whimsical kiddie jungle atmosphere to the ultimate non-aggressive style of passive Dentistry your child will ever experience. As an extremely satisfied parent, my son has not had even 'ONE" cavity in 17 years. Dr. Leslie Olton started with Dax @ the age of 2yrs old and to this day he wouldn't go anywhere else. There has been many different significant problems along the years from crooked teeth to spacing problems to jaw issues to retainers to sealants, but now all the girls think he has a beautiful smile and that may have been one of the final goals. Thanks to a little "We Care" my son will have a great attribute to go along with the rest of him."                 Thank You - you’re the Best        S.T.


"I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate you and your staff and the service we get at every visit.  My 3 daughters have always had great expereinces and love the child inviting office and the way they get pampered by the friendly and experienced staff, and always look forward to their goody bags at the end of every visit.  I, as a parent, appreciate the professionalism and have enjoyed the service you provide and always look forward to my daughters next appointments.  I would highly recommend your practice to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.  I only wish my own experience as a child was pleasant and then I wouldn't have dreaded going to the dentist!  Thanks to you and your staff for the continued pleasant experiences."

 Sincerely,  The Ramer Family



"Unlike most children growing up, I can happily say I never had a fear of the dentist thanks to the meticulous care of the staff at We Care For Kids Dental. They're passionate about their work and always strive to make every child as happy and healthy as can be. Because of their quality care my teeth stayed in great condition throughout my childhood years. It is a relief to be able to smile when entering the dentist and when you leave also! thanks soooooo much Dr. Olton!"